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July 9, 2013

Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p desktop keeps it “Tiny”

If you’ve seen some of Lenovo’s previous efforts in the miniature desktop machine environment, you’ll know that they’re aiming to be the best immediately, if not soon. Though they’ve not got the marketing hype of the newest Mac Pro, they’re certainly part of the same modern environment – they’ve got a rather similar aim, that is – packing as much power and high-end features into one super-small form factor as they possibly can – that’s what’s coming in the ThinkCentre M93p.

This device works with a form factor small enough to fit in your backpack and brings Intel Core i7 processors to the show – 4th generation Haswell architecture, that is. These processor work with Intel vPro as well and are fully prepped for work with Windows 8.

The M93p brings on a 64GB SSD with an option for a Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) to bring on extra heftiness. This extra bit of space is mounted to a wall – if you wish – with a standard VESA mount.

Citrix Ready is also a marking on this machine, with energy efficiency also a major component of the offering – we’ll know more about this machine’s Small Form Factor Pro model with dual graphics and hard disk drive support sooner than later as well.

As for the unique features on this miniature monster: this machine works with Lenovo’s own “Smart Power On” technology which allows the device to be powered on – turned on, if you want to say it that way – from a wired or wireless keyboard paired with an Always On USB port. This Always On USB port also offers RapidCharge – that’s the super-swift (at least a whole lot quicker than non-RapidCharge ports) charging of your connected devices – aimed directly at smartphones, in this case.