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July 11, 2013

LG announces world's slimmest full HD smartphone display panel

It takes thin parts to make a thin smartphone, and LG is leading the pack when it comes to display technology.

LG is showing off a new 5.3-inch LCD display that they claim holds the title of world's slimmest full HD display. Checking in at only 2.2mm in thickness, they also feature an ultra-slim 2.3mm bezel. This means your great-big smartphone can be a little less great-bog overall.

They credit their new technology, dubbed Advanced One-Glass-Solution, for enabling such a thin panel. It uses dual flexible printed circuits opposed to a single circuit, that has been inserted between the glass itself and the touch film. This reduces the number of lines etched onto the panel circuit by more than 30-percent. In addition, a new bonding system using optically clear resin to mate it all together into one very thin piece.

These panels are said to offer superior visibility outdoors, along with a better contrast ratio and an increased brightness of 535 nits. The 1080x1920 panels are use a true RBG pixel layout -- none of that pentile silliness here. Combined, these features make the new panel outperform every other current HD LCD panels, and we don't have to take LG's word for it -- Intertek has officially certified the results.

I'll bet we'll see these panels in the upcoming LG G2.