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July 12, 2013

Zalman Unveils CNPS2X Ultra-Compact CPU Cooler

Korean PC cooling specialist Zalman announced a rehash of one of its oldest and most effective CPU cooler designs, with the new CNPS2X (computer noise prevention system). 

Its design involves a mirror-finished copper base, through which a single 8 mm-thick copper heat pipe passes, making direct contact with the CPU. This heat pipe twists out into a spiral shape, and along its two arms, a spirally-projecting copper fin array draws heat. This array further compresses down at the base. 

An 80 mm PWM-controlled fan is nestled inside the fin array, its downward and sideways airflow ventilates the fins. Measuring 84 x 84 x 27 mm, the CNPS2X weighs 83 g. Zalman claims the cooler can handle thermal loads of up to 120W. 

Most modern CPU socket types are supported, including LGA115x, AM3+/AM3, and FM2/FM1. 

Slated for late-July, the cooler is expected to be priced around $30.