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August 28, 2013

Apple iWatch Headed for 2H-2014 Launch

Apple will take its own sweet time with the iWatch. The company doesn't want its first step towards wearable technology to feel rushed-in, and wants Samsung, Sony, LG, and others to slug it out before coming up with a path-breaking device. According to a report by Taiwanese semiconductor industry tracker DigiTimes, iWatch could launch only in the second half of 2014, at least 10 months after Samsung unveils its Galaxy Gear.

Despite its September 4th unveiling, Galaxy Gear won't be ready to purchase, and there's not even a rumored date on when it will begin shipping out. The centerpiece of Samsung's September 4th event, however, is its 5.7-inch Galaxy Note III phablet.

A market analyst with Malaysia-based CIMB Group, which holds prominence throughout the ASEAN group, stated that he expects the iWatch to be priced at an accessible US $149 to $229, and would be more of an evolution of the iPod at its price-point. In essence, it could become the most affordable line of Apple products.