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August 27, 2013

NB-NH, a 21.5-Inch Cloud Stand for Businesses

This year, IT companies seem to have decided that it's time for zero clients to take off, so they've begun to launch them one after another, each implementing their own concept. ViewSonic launched one the other day, and now Samsung is doing the same.

Zero clients are essentially monitors meant to have keyboards, audio devices and mice directly linked to them, as well as LAN connectivity.

Thus, they can act as extensions of a central mainframe, removing the need for a local desktop or all-in-one system.

In other words, zero clients are all-in-one PCs without the PC parts. Basically, they are monitors with a few extra perks.

Meanwhile, all the computing tasks are accomplished on a central server or cloud data center, one shared by the clients of everyone in the building.

Samsung's NB-NH is the world's first Tera2 zero client cloud display, according to the company's press release.

It employs PCoIP technology (PC over IP) to access the organization's business cloud.

The VDI endpoint technology helps there, being integrated into the base of the monitor stand, where the I/O is also located.

In fact, the NB-NH zero client supposedly has five times the VDI pixel performance of previous generations, along with a lower power draw and better security (AES 256-bit).

"Samsung is dedicated to supporting enterprise customers with products that offer businesses across vertical markets such as education, federal government, corporate, banking/financial and healthcare with secure and efficient ways to embrace cloud computing," said Tod Pike, senior vice president at Samsung's Enterprise Business Division.

"Samsung continues to drive technology leadership in virtualization and cloud display by providing solutions like the NB-NH Cloud Stand that enable businesses to more easily deploy, maintain and manage user environments that are less vulnerable to security risks, while also freeing up valuable desktop real estate."

Four UBS 2.0 ports are available for peripherals (printers, scanners, web cams, smart cards, CAC readers, etc.). Sales should have already started, for $299 / €299.