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August 20, 2013

MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning Pictured

Ahead of its launch, pictures of MSI's GeForce GTX 780 Lightning graphics cards were leaked to the web by HardwareZone (now redacted), and reposted by WCCFTech. Pictures reveal never before seen PCB and cooler designs. 

To begin with, MSI is using a brand new cooling solution called TriFrozr. It combines a large compound dual fin-stack heatsink, to which heat is fed by seven 8 mm-thick heat pipes, with an array of three fans, two larger 100 mm ones on the edges, and a smaller 70 mm one in the center. The fans feature independent control system, which lets you tweak speeds of individual fans, over software. An LED-lit badge doubles up as a GPU load indicator. A swanky back-plate lines the reverse side.

Under this elaborate cooling solution is a brute of a PCB. Drawing power from a pair of 8-pin PCIe power connectors, the custom-design PCB by MSI features a 20-phase digital PWM voltage regulation, which use a combination of high current chokes, International Rectifier PowIRstage, DirectFET chips, tantalum capacitors, and MSI's GPU Reactor module that cuts out electrical noise. The GPU is wired to 7 GT/s rated Elpida-branded memory chips, and three (that's right, three) GPU BIOS ROMs. One stores a failsafe reference BIOS, another factory-OC air BIOS, and one that primes the GPU for liquid-nitrogen cooling-assisted overclocking. 

MSI is expected to launch the GTX 780 Lightning on August 28, 2013