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August 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear will come in five colors, release time frame reiterated

Many times so far, Samsung has been rumored to be working on a smart watch. Yet this time it looks more and more like it could actually happen. We even have a leaked name for the device: Samsung Galaxy Gear. And recently we heard it would be on the market in late September or early October.

The Galaxy Gear is said to be announced on September 4, which also when the Galaxy Note III should become official. If the main thing you wanted to know about Samsung’s first smart watch was what color options it will have, then don’t stop reading this.

According to an “insider” who spoke to SamMobile, the watch will be offered in white, orange, grey, black, and “white gold”. The first four of those variants should all go on sale at once, during the 39th week of this year (which begins on September 23 and ends on September 29). The ‘white gold’ Galaxy Gear will be in stores the next week, so between September 30 and October 6. This version could become an exclusive to specific regions and / or certain carriers.

Obviously, Samsung will name all these colors using flashy monikers, like it’s done in the past. The release time frames could still change, apparently – shifting as much as two weeks back or forth. But Samsung seems intent on having the Galaxy Gear out there in late September or early October. We’ll keep you posted.