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August 21, 2013

Core i3 and Pentium "Haswell" Desktop CPU Pricing Surfaces

The business end of Intel's 4th generation Core desktop processor family, Core i3 and Pentium Dual-Core, are dressing up for work. Intel reportedly gave final touches to retail pricing of at least three new Core i3 parts, a mid-range Core i5 part, a high-end Core i7 part, and three Pentium ones. Intel's Core i3 "Haswell" desktop processor lineup begins with the Core i3-4130 dual-core processor, featuring 3.40 GHz clock speed, no Turbo Boost, HyperThreading, and 3 MB of shared L3 cache, priced at US $136.85. It is followed by the Core i3-4330, which ups clock speed to 3.50 GHz, shared L3 cache to 4 MB; and a $154.75 price-tag. The Core i3 "Haswell" family is led by the Core i3-4340, with its 3.60 GHz clock speed, and 4 MB of L3 cache.

Intel also plans a mid-range quad-core Core i5 part, the i5-4440, which features 3.10 GHz clocks, 3.40 GHz Turbo Boost, no HyperThreading, and 6 MB of shared L3 cache. It is priced at $197.26. Intel also rectified its high-end Core i7 lineup with the new Core i7-4771, which features 3.50 GHz clocks, 3.90 GHz Turbo Boost, HyperThreading, and 8 MB of shared L3 cache. This part, as reported earlier, is designed to displace the Core i7-4770 (non-K), and is priced at $333.77 a piece.

Intel's entry-level Pentium dual-core lineup includes three new parts built on the 22 nm silicon fab process, beginning with the Pentium G3220, which features two cores clocked at 3.00 GHz, no Turbo Boost, no HyperThreading, and 3 MB of shared L3 cache; it commands a $70.61 price-tag. Next up, is the Pentium G3420, with its 3.20 GHz clock speed, and $90.18 price-tag. The series is lead by Pentium G3430, with its 3.30 GHz clocks, and $100.26 price-tag. It's interesting to see Intel give most Core i3 dual-core parts 4 MB of L3 cache (conventionally 3 MB on the previous two generations), and 3 MB of L3 cache on the Pentium dual-core parts (typically 2 MB on previous generations).