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June 6, 2013

Palit GeForce GTX 780 JetStream 3GB Graphics Card

Palit unveiled its first custom-design GeForce GTX 780 graphics card, the GTX 780 JetStream. It uses the company's second-generation JetStream VGA cooler, which made its debut with the GTX 770 JetStream, last week.

The card appears to feature a PCB design derived from NVIDIA's reference design, the JetStream cooler's base-plate fits it like a glove. The second-generation JetStream cooler uses two independent aluminum fin stacks, which draw heat from the GPU using a number of 8 mm-thick copper heat pipes, and which are ventilated by three PWM-controlled fans. The card features 3 GB of memory, so there's nothing on the reverse side to cool. 

Given how generously Palit factory-overclocked the GTX 770 JetStream, and the GTX 680 JetStream from the previous generation, one can expect the card to ship with decent factory-overclocked speeds.