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November 22, 2013

EK Introduces Water Block for ASUS Maximus VI Gene and –Hero Motherboards

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce the EK-SB ASUS M6G - a new water block for water cooling of the Intel Z87 Express PCH (Periphery Hub Controller; also known as south bridge) on ASUS Maximus VI Gene and -Hero 4th generation Intel Core series motherboards.

This product is ready to be fitted on to the ASUS Maximus VI Gene motherboard out-of-the-box. Installing this water block on a ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard requires re-fitting of the standoffs to alternative mounting holes by using the enclosed mini wrench.

EK-SB ASUS M6G features a high flow design allowing the water block to be easily used with systems using quieter, less powerful water pumps thus further reducing the noise output of your water cooled system. It is available in two different flavours:
  • EK-SB ASUS M6G - Nickel - 24,95€
  • EK-SB ASUS M6G - Acetal+Nickel - 24,95€

In combination with EK-MOSFET ASUS M6G series water blocks, released three weeks ago, this product makes for an modular Full-Board Kit (FB KIT) ensuring all vital parts of the motherboard (including both PCH as well as MOSFETs) have superb cooling thus allowing high-reliability computing.

  • EK-SB ASUS M6G series water block
  • thermal pads
  • mounting mechanism

EK-SB ASUS M6G is readily available for purchase through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network.

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