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November 19, 2013

NuForce Unveils the HA-200 Single-Ended Class-A Headphone Amplifier

NuForce Inc, a world leader in professional and consumer audio, introduces the HA-200, a high performance headphone amplifier engineered to satisfy the requirements of the most critical headphone enthusiasts.

The HA-200's pure Class-A circuitry employs only a single output device per channel, which is considered by discriminating listeners and professionals alike to be the purest form of amplification. Simply put, the SE topology completely avoids output stage crossover distortion. Configured for standard stereo use, the HA-200 operates in full SE Mode.

The HA-200 output circuit operates in Constant-Current Mode, which enables it to effortlessly drive any set of headphones - even those that exhibit erratic impedances across the frequency spectrum. By constantly adjusting the output voltage vs. impedance, the HA-200 avoids the performance anomalies that often plague other amplifier designs.

Unique to the HA-200 is its ability to quadruple output power by adding a second unit and operating them together in Balanced Headphone Mode. For this configuration, the listener uses the XLR inputs and outputs on each HA-200 along with a special cable adaptor.

In Balanced Mode, four separate amps (two per unit) drive the stereo signal's four phases (right normal, right inverted, left normal, left inverted). The principal benefit is that available output power is quadrupled while the effective slew rate (an amplifier's maximum change in voltage per second) is doubled. The combined effect is to enhance the music's dynamic realism while also imparting a more natural, transparent and fatigue-free presentation.

  • Frequency Response :20Hz - 20kHz, -0.1dB, 300 Ohm load
  • Recommended Headphone impedance:32 to 600 Ohm
  • Output Voltage and power (RMS):1kHz 16 Ohm, 2.8Vrms, 0.5Wrms 30 Ohm, 5.6Vrms, 1Wrms 300 Ohm, 8.3Vrms, 0.22Wrms High Z, 8Vrms
  • Balanced Mode:200 Ohm, 14.6Vrms
  • Maximum Output:2W @ 32 Ohm, Balanced mode 8W @ 64 Ohm
  • THD + N:0.002%, om 20-20kHz, 1kHz, 1Vrms
  • SNR:>120dB, weighted 2Vrms
  • System gain:10dB
  • Input impedance:22 kOhm
  • Output impedance:5 Ohm
  • Power Consumption:22W

The NuForce HA-200, available worldwide at a suggested retail price of $349 USD, will be shipping in Late November, 2013.


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