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November 12, 2013

Panasonic Announces New Portable Speaker Systems

Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company today announced the introduction of the SC-NA30 and SC-NA10 Portable Wireless Speaker Systems which offer the longest playback time currently available on a wireless speaker, unrivalled sound quality, smart networking and elegant designs that offer ultimate portability. The SC-NA30 and SC-NA10 compact speakers enable users to complement their lifestyle with outstanding portable audio. Both speaker systems can be purchased online at 

With up to 20 hours of playback, both the SC-NA30 and SC-NA10 boast the longest playback time currently available on a wireless speaker and provide outstanding connectivity options for greater ease of use. Compatible with the Panasonic Music Streaming application, the SC-NA30 and SC-NA10 connect to a user's smart phone or tablet, enabling instant access to a library of favorite music with the simple touch of a button. Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible, the SC-NA series can easily be synced to a smartphone or tablet: a simple touch of the smart device to the speaker will enable connection. Additionally, smart devices can be connected via Bluetooth technology, so you can easily stream content to enjoy the sound of rich, full music on the wireless speaker. 

Panasonic's commitment to end-to-end audio technology ensures that the new NA Series offers unrivalled sound quality in a portable form. Despite its compact design, the SC-NA30 packs an incredibly powerful audio capability. Two front 2-inch speakers and an integrated subwoofer reproduce a naturally expansive sound, as well as deep, robust bass. A double passive radiator protects the bass from unwanted vibrations, further enhancing the audio quality. The SC-NA10 houses two front 1.6-inch speakers for crisp, clear vocals and a single passive radiator to help deliver great quality, undistorted bass.

Like the SC-NA30, the SC-NA10 also benefits from components which drive the speaker cone more efficiently producing powerful audio, usually associated with much larger speaker systems. Panasonic's XBS Master sound processing technologies can also be found in both the SC-NA30 and SC-NA10. This technology delivers even more power, clarity and accuracy by amplifying low frequencies, eliminating unwanted sound and minimizing distortion. 

Equipped with an integrated microphone, the Panasonic SC-NA30 and SC-NA10 can also act as a speakerphone allowing a user to receive calls in between music playback. With long-life, re-chargeable batteries housed within the SC-NA series portable speakers, a user can easily charge their smartphone or tablet via USB cable, even when music is being played, to keep the music going all day. 

Both the SC-NA30 and SC-NA10 feature a contemporary design based on classic Hi-Fi style. The SC-NA30 has a slim and stylish Silver or Black body featuring a stainless mesh over the speaker and classic volume, bass and treble controls. The SC-NA10, available in silver, is similarly sleek and includes a compact, purse-like cover to allow easy portability, indoors or out. The NA10's cover also acts as a stand for the speaker.

The Panasonic SC-NA10 is now available online for MSRP $199.99. The SC-NA30 will be available on in mid-November for MSRP $299.99.