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November 26, 2013

Two new Nokia Asha handsets pictured

Two unannounced Nokia handsets have been pictured a few hours ago. One of them is codenamed Nokia Normandy, and its design suggests that it may be a Lumia. However, it’s certainly not running Windows Phone, as its home/back button is similar to what we can see on Nokia’s latest Asha models (including the 500, 501, 502 and 503). So what we’re having here must be a next-generation Asha.

There’s no word on what specs the Nokia Normandy has, and neither on when it will be available. But at least we can see its front and back sides:

The second new Nokia devices appeared today is a bit weird, design-wise. We don’t get to see many touchscreen handsets shaped like this:

Currently without any codename that we know of, the little fella seen above is (judging by what its screen captures are showing) also an upcoming Asha. As in the case of Nokia Normandy, details regarding the launch of this handset are completely missing for now.