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March 2, 2013

LaCie Launches 3TB d2 Quadra USB 3.0 External HDD

The LaCie d2 Quadra USB 3.0 may not exactly be a new product line, but the 3 TB model definitely is a recent addition.

It isn't actually the highest-capacity version, though. There already was a 4 TB drive on sale.

LaCie no doubt felt it would be a good idea to offer a sort of “middle ground” for those who want more than 2 TB, but don't feel comfortable paying the price of the 4 TB one.

That said, the newcomer has a USB 3.0 port, an eSATA connector and no less than two FireWire 800. The broad connectivity ensures compatibility with PCs, tablets and Apple Mac systems.

The price is of 36,800 Yen in Japan, which translates into $239 in the US, and between 183-239 Euro on the Old Continent. The product page is located here and conveniently doubles as an order page too.